She moves in mysterious ways…..

I have never though that I wold find myself thankful for a full body rash that even managed to get in my throat and the underside of my eye lids and cause me such physical discomfort that for the first time in over 8 years i decided to take a pill, Benedryl, 2 of those and the sandman comes in so swiftly and silently, one minute you are making deals with god about all the things you will and will never do again, the next, you’re waking up hours later, like 13=)

For starters, i now have time, time i always had, but, for whatever reason, I had sacrificed for the sake of… dunno, being a fool perhaps.  I turned my journey into a series of destinations and timelines….

There are a few big realizations, one, I was mean to my Dad in regard to his sleeping pill usage…. Oh how the universe laughs, if only we are smart enough to listen and not take offense, but realize it is laughing with us, it is up to us to laugh along..

Lo and behold, there I was last night, running around like a man possesed looking for my benadryl in order to sleep, dumping out my effects all over the floor, really, like an addict.

I called and humbly apologized for being a fool, my father, ever the ninja, said he loved me and moved on with the conversation….  Hmmmmmm, I can only hope to be such a man…

What else has my Christmas virus taught me…?  I thought i had no destination, like Kane in Kung Fu, I was a wanderer, seeking ways to enlightenment and bringing peace to myself and the world in the process… Silly me, all I was doing was running from place to place and slowly drinking more and more in the process…

I had often spoke of how this world has wonderful people and until this pox on my body came along, I never knew just how good, how truly wonderful absolute strangers could be.  I originally came here for a two night stay, now, over a week later, having been invited to Christmas with the family, given christmas gifts and a stocking, being taken care of as one of their own with a highly communicable virus….  Now I know without a shadow of doubt that what we see on the news, is not what is represented in the world, quite the opposite… and I guess when you really think about it, if the news was representative of the world, THERE WOULDN’T BE A WORLD!  I digress, I have met nothing but good people on my journey, and this family, well, I have no words, I mean, they even gave me the nickname, Leopard Ninja, why… Cause you got spots man, it’s just fun for them, they enjoy me being here, I feel good being sick, simply for being here, I’m blessed.

So, when I say that this was a great gift, and, so funny that it began on Christmas day, I truly mean it, I believe what I am saying, it is true, there’s hope=)


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