The lord works in mysterious ways…..=)

It took me 35 years to get chickenpox, now, why it finally decided to visit me at this point, I have no idea, as with most things I can only assume that the answer will be made obvious as time marches forward allowing the 20/20 of hindsight to render a clear picture.

It sucks, that i have no medical insurance sucks even more based on the fact that as an adult you can have a host of serious complications, of course, I am deciding that none of these will happen to me, but then, i was not planning on this either…

Well, now I have a motivation and the time to really sit back, do nothing with anyone.  Kind of a bummer as I had it all lined up to promote my former boss and friends party and the Palms Casino…

Not such a good idea with red bumps all over me=)  I itch now badly, so, no more typing…

I got this to remember how strong I can be, it isnt easy to look at oneself in the mirror and see a full body rash that makes you want to crawl out of your skin.

I also got this so i could see the true beauty in people, the host family I had didnt have to sign on for this and yet, here I am, being taken care of like one of the family…  The world is beautiful, I couldn’t be more thankful, I write this as fire ants bite every part of my body, even mi bits and pieces=)


One thought on “The lord works in mysterious ways…..=)

  1. Man! Odd, I too had the chickenpox this year, wth? As for insurance, if you need medical care look for a non-profit hospital and utilize their ED. Non-profits cannot turn away any patient for any reason…the wait may be long but you may be able to get some relief. Outside of that, Burt’s Bee’s Anti-Itch was a God-send. Good luck, feel betta!

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