Detoxing Ninjas in Vegas…..=)

Well, after living as unclean as possible, my body finally, on Christmas morning, dropped the hammer.  I couldnt eat, all of my joints ached, I slept for an average of 18 hours, and I got a heat rash as my temperature went from soaring to chills all throughout the night.  Essentially I am done drinking, not only am I done drinking, but even coffee gives me the heebie jeebies…

Why did I turn to alcohol, I dunno, lonely, scared, sad…..  Its nice to have a body like this, one that takes care of itself, its nice too see how much of a fool I am, that for all my knowledge of health and fitness, I still turn to the one thing that has no redeeming qualities at all…  Alas, to be human and insecure in ones flesh….  Oh my…

Now I wear the fruits of my labor in the form of heat rash, my chest, back, neck, scalp, tiny little blisters full of sweat, maybe full of alcohol…=)  Moving around like an old man as my joints ache and complain with the detox process…

How could I let myself get to this point, all i want to do is sleep, all i can eat is fruit and soup…

I thank god for the family that is hosting me right now, aside from being some of the kindest people and most fun loving, I don’t even know where to begin, they rock.  I am happy to be learning this lesson here…

Time to make soup, I have to get my energy up, soon my bike will be ready…  Soon I will go forth into the world a new man.  I am back on course….  Such a fool=)


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