Viva las Vegas

My, what a time it has been, I find myself sitting in a pluch leather sofa chatting with my host, well, not chatting now obviously, anyway….

I woke up in a chair this morning, I fell aslepp not only for the initial presentation of Family Guy StarWars, but the encore one as well, “knocked out hard” is a term that was used to describe me.

Met great people last night, going on a hike in Red Rock Canyon This AM and then??

Hanging with my former Boss and friend, Peter, originator of Spundae (With Guiv=), was fantastic, it is one of those reunions like the Ofuna crew (See stories on Japan, not written yet, but soon=), where you come together after so long and IMMEDIATELY, you go back to the way it was, you realize that you had a real relationship with that person.  Thank you peter, and again, thanks for my Mr. Tannenbaum gift=)

My beginning in Vegas was hard, I made it so, I was super thankful for being picked up in Kingman by my very good friend, I broke spokes…..  Now Las Vegas Cyclery has my bicycle and they/we are doing big things=)  I had the bike completely apart, have replaced nearly every aspect of it and more changes are on the way, we simply need to wait on pieces and parts to come in…  They are so kind there, have given me so much time, during thier busiest season as well!

Even here, in the heart of “Sin City”, I can feel the love, it doesnt matter anymore where I am, I no longer prescribe to thier being “bad” places, it’s all good, I no longer care what the cup looks like, I will always get drunk from the wine=)





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