Lonely, I am so….. No, not really=)

I have just had what is easily the most intense couple weeks of my trip so far….  from misunderstandings and gossip in Flagstaff, to being ripped off in Sedona, where, all the while, I dont even care about the stuff happening around me because I’m too blown away, not only by what I am seeing, my scenery, but by the sheer energy of these places, I feel like my soul has been cleansed in the cold waters of redemption!  Sounds dramatic…..
I really liked Flagstaff, I had a great time with almost everyone that I met, save for a few very select people, but this is where I must look closely to see what I have done to become part of the problem…  It’s the only way to perfection of the spirit…
From Williams, AZ, the Sheridan House B&B to be most specific, was to be the beginning on a new phase of sublime happiness in my journey.  Jere and I had a blast, we even got to drunkenly tour the city at night.
When I got to Grand Cayon Caverns, again, life sweetened, even this morning as I hurled into the bathtub from the toilet, right, always has to happen that way, never one at a time, anyway, not sure what went wrong in the system for that, but whatever, natives and locals flagging me down on the road to share and tell stories, the wall between me and the magic is growing thinner, soon=)
I met and spoke at length with a native, please, this is how they refer to themselves, he told me of Bob Marley, his studies of one love, how he travelled to The Hopi and Havasu nations to study how they incorporate One Love and how he then went to South America to study there, and now, I have begun my study of one love, for a man to even say that he is willing to live his life under the banner of Peace, this is a lot, for a man to change his whole life around to go forth into the world to seek it out, this is a whole different thing.  It is time for me to refocus and cleanse, not in the sense of not drinking, this is not spiritual, this is not drinking, not drinking is good for the body, has no effect on a persons soul  unless they let it get out of hand.

It is time for me to be clean, perhaps I will allow myself some libations as it is the holiday season, but, after meeting this man, many things for me must change.  I will not say much of what we spoke of, afterall, one of the important things is to recognize when magic touches your life and speak of it to no one, it is a sacred thing between you and the magic, keep it between you two…

I’m in a subway now, in Kingman, I’m waiting on a friend to pick me up and take me to vegas, I broke some more spokes, not on purpose of course, so, time to relax, wait for the calvary, I mistakenly used my spares in Flagstaff and never replenished my supply, not that it is easy to change rear spokes, need some tools.  It looks as though many of these problems will be taken care of in Vegas, I am fairly certain i have found a bike shop that is doing well enough, or they are just benevolent enough to hook me up!
I tried fixing my tire as best I could at the Wild Animal habitat in Valentine, AZ, and basically just rode down the hills and walked up the steep sides, that way i have the best possible chance of not COMPLETELY ruining the rim, but then, I know nothing.
I got a ride from two of the coolest people from OZ.  They owned companies, modeling agencies, were in the T.V. and movie world, had the penthouse overloooking the botanical gardens in Sydney, and, after the birth of thier baby, they gave everything up and decided to travel around the world interviewing people who have totally changed thier lives, this will later become a Documentary!  Color me stoked=)  What a day!

Due to the spoke breaking fun, I am now, thank god, spending a nice large group of hours in Kingman, AZ at the Subway/gas station, truck stop.  I would usually not find such a respite from my day appealing, HOWEVER, due to the extreme vigor at which one of the subway employees defends her position in regard to various situations with her bosses here, I am left elated and quite possibly this may be the icing on my cake for today, actually, when I get picked up, that will be my icing, notwithstanding, this chic has made my day!

The simple fact she is willing to yell at the top of her lungs at the owners of the store both in thier faces and on the phone, sends me giddy, she upset the owners son or brother so much he switched over to his native Indian (India) tongue as he couldnt get out his anger fast enough in English, I’m in a sitcom right now and all I had to do was chase my dream=)  It is good to be back on the road, I’m gong to rebuild the bike in Vegas, Insha’Allah, and then, Death Valley!

For Sparta!

Sorry, I get excited…..


UPDATE!!!!  One of the subway girls just sliced her hand open….


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