My, Boxing, A Giant Lake, Meteor showers and waking up in new places hung over….. life rocks=)

I awoke this morning to a giant skull and crossbone flag, the house was silent, the couch was comfortable, though, not comfortable enough to take my mind off the hot flashes and chills, the taste in my mouth which I can only say reminds me of, nto that it has ever happened, but I am assuming that the hung over mouth and having a cat defecate in your mouth whilst sleeping are close, they just have to be, anyway, all this a result, no doubt, from the over the top amount of alcohol consumed the night prior.

What happened the night prior…. I am still piecing it together myself…

Well, day 4 or so that I am still in Flagstaff, tomorrow I leave for sure, I must, I dont even know why I am still here, there really is something to what all these people have been saying….!  I just read this small paragraph and it makes little to no sense…

I started drinking with Malachai, he is a boxing trainer and was gonna take one of his guys through a workout to get him ready for his fight on Thursday.  Well, the training was waaaaay more intense and legit than I had originally expected, he is an actual trainer it turns out and at one point, there I was, arms up and his number one guy was coming at me guns blazing, the dude he was sparring with was unable to go the whole time, so I came in as stunt double.

Gloves in the face hurt… But I Ninja, so, all good=)

From here, boxing 101, I was invited by the ladies next door to walk out to the middle of the sports field complex to check out the meteor shower, THAT, was super cool.  Especially when drunk, meteors and beer seem to compliment each other nicely…  I actually remember the meteors=)

So, betwixt these two events, many beers were cleansed in my portable liquid cleansing unit (liver) and I was rockin and rollin, lost all of my stuff, everything, except my bike, even lost my jacket.  4 hours later, all was found, found in various places around the city, very fun hung over easter egg hunt this morning=)  Huge thanks to Eva for making it all possible!

Went to Lake Powell the other day, it was sweet, the plan was to check out the grand canyon, shocker, I was with the only person who, not only has she lived here for 3.5 years, but she was able to miss the grand cayon, you’d think it impossible to miss, because it’s so Grand, and yet, there we were, seeing signs for Page, AZ and Lake Powell, so, our simple little trip turned into a drive to Utah…. we camped right on the beach, the scenery was trippy to say the least, it looked, as I imagine, a distant barren world, one of sand and rock, and a lake, that was pretty lame sounding, but I have a hangover, so, it’s to be expected…  If you ever get a chance to camp on Lake Powell, DO IT, the sun rise is so epic, I cant explain it and wont bother trying=)  Oh boy, I just had a thought, I can look at my camera to re work what happened last night after the memory dimmed=)

O.K., nuff of this, time to just be chill, more later


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