My goldfish swims in a big bowl…

That was the quote from the other day, included were such favorites as, “If I wasnt so hung over I would make a good dad”, a favorite of mine, ” its three bi-sexual girls, of course it’s going to be an orgy…”…

I have been seeing and hearing things that I once believed were relegated only to the cinema, not real life, my life has stretched the envelope so far at this point, I have no idea what is or is not normal…

I dont even know where I am going or what I am seeking any longer…  You are reading the words of a fool!

I was at the Grand Canyon yesterday with two gentlemen from France, one was a sublime musician the other, a man who quit his ridiculous amount of money computer job to simply travel, for a long time.  I may never again have the pleasure of hiking into one of the most awe inspiring landscapes whilst being serenaded by Frenchmen singing songs about Owls catching dinner….

I’m having a beer, it’s early, but, well, it was there….

Sometimes I think I get it, that I have it figured out, other times, well, like this morning, it’s not that I am sad, or melancholy, but, I just feel lost…  The great thing is, I have come to that place where i know its all good, the “I’ll be taken care of” type of thinking, “god has my back”, I need a sign.  The Ranger form the Grand Canyon told me she wanted to take me to Arches Nat’l park and some crazy adventure….  Could be cool….  Lets see if she writes.

I’m stoked to be going back to Vegas, so many people I have not seen for some time….  Will they still know me…  do they care=)


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