Haiku for the tortured body, fragmented mind, and happy soul=)

My first Haiku is taken from my experience being circled by a shark right off the pier in Kona town.  I had been thinking about sharks all night, I thought about them driving to my swim class, in swim class we talked about ocean dangers, of course, including sharks, so then, when we finally mad eit to the pier to do our ocean 2.4 mile swim, bada boom, bada bing, I got circled by an Ocean White Tip, 7-8 feet in length, big fin, very white tip,

the smile is large

The fluid of death wears white

the smile is cold

Well, that would be a first attempt at Haiku, you saw it here first folks=)  Now on to the other stories of intrigue.  For my Haiku learning process, I will use all of my near death experiences and moments where I not only showed the strength of the body I have been given, but the sheer simplicity of the mind attached to it in relation to safety and self preservation, or, perhaps, more to the point, a definitive account of the life and times of my guardian angels.

The cliff stands stoic

Gravel falls like rain below

I weep silent for me

That was when i decided to venture out into a section of trail that had been wiped out in the earthquake, through my own lack of really looking at things, I ended up sliding to a point in the cliff that I could not climb back, as every time I grabbed what i thought was something solid, I slid further down, getting to a point where I was very close to sliding the 60 feet to the bottom and, vis-a-vis, getting smashed on the boulders below.  It took me 2.5 hours to work my way to the tree line on the cliff and in the process, I found one stable rock that was big enough for me to curl up on and cry for a bit.

Then, I stopped, looked around, and kept on moving to the tree-line and then to the rest of my day…

The chainsaw floats up

bamboo  rushes to meet

cutting tree limbs, fun

This is one of the highlights of my lack of foresight when it comes to dangerous machines and situations.

we got the ladder to rest on the tree branch, it was tough at first, three very thick bamboo poles had to be cut to make room for the ladder on the tree branch.  When I cut off the end of the branch that the LADDER WAS RESTING ON, things changed, alot.

As soon as the branch let go of the main arm, the entire ladder was jolted up, I was thrown up and back, I saw the chainsaw continue upward as I started to adhere to gravity’s law.  I heard it, I swore it revved on its own, I felt a hand grab my ankle and pull me to the left, I landed on my back in the pile of ginger plants we had pulled….  When I went o to get up, I rolled to my right, but couldnt move, the three bamboo poles were directly on my right side, I have never been stabbed by bamboo, luckily, I can still say that…

Jesse swatted at the chainsaw and all he got was a papercut on his skin, though his long sleeve shirt was cut wide open.  I may never be able to sum up the moments that immediately followed, It is an amazing thing to know that you are protected from on high, for if it is simply “Great Luck”, well, somehow that luck came to be in my world=)

roots hold chainsaw tight

I pull metal with all my might

The bar silences my mind

This was  great one in my history, I got a chainsaw stuck in a tree root.  I figured if i could widen the gap, the chainsaw would fall out?  I grabbed an o’o bar, which is 4-6 feet of solid steel, looks like a giant nail almost.  I pulled with all my might and next thing I knew, it snapped at the base, so, in essence, I hit myslef in the head with a steel bar with all my might=)

skin turn white on shin

the pick axe falls from my hands

Tony’s face dissolves

I was working with Anthony, using a pick axe and on one of my down strokes i hit my shin and not the ground.  Oh my, how I love myself=)


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