The Vortex, what I’ve been doing for the past couple a days…

I left Flagstaff a few days ago as I felt it was time to move on and Sedona seemed like the best spot close by=)

Thanks again to Lane, smoke jumper, we never did get to go hang gliding, someday=)   Dan and Revolution Cycles, Dan is the reason my bicycle runs well now and that I am one step closer to being independent when it comes to fixes…

I left Sedona in a rush, well, lemme back up, I left the house I was staying at in a rush.  My plan had been to stay for a week or so and put in a garden, when i said i would do it as long as the food was supplied, i would cook it and clean up, things seemed good to go.

Later, things were no longer good to go and we decided it was best for me to just be a traveler and not a worker.

No worries, I’m very good at that.

The next morning, through some lacks in communication, I had a very intense morning to the point that I was verbally pushed from the home.  At first i took offense to what had happened and was upset, well, upset, I was in a state of shock to be more to the point, WTF just happened!

In retrospect and a day later, especially considering that the Princess who rode in to save me was a wonderful tour guide and we had the best time hiking around the Mountains that contain the vortex, or mystical energy center, we hiked so far that we found an airstrip, airport mesa right?=)

A red biplane came in for a lazy landing while we hiked, later we went to Devils Bridge, we walked the bridge, a Giant Stone Ring in essence, some 5-7 stories tall, so beautiful, so unreal, the steps to the top of Devils Bridge were red rock, everything was read rock, but the steps, well, they were natural, but they were steps and they led to the bridge, it had to be magic, no human fashioned it, it is a natural formation, yet there are DEFINITE STEPS, many hundreds of them, winding and wending to the top, it’s MAGICAL!

A lot of things have been coming up for me since New Mexico, very powerful places, the hot springs, really fine tuning my diet, making it cleaner, doing lots of yoga and bagua, taking my vitamins and potions=), running, climbing, really climbing, pushing myself to the point that i could be seriously hurt if I fell, doing away with fears….

I have been very seriously running, I will try to always keep a balance with my cyclcing and running, trail running, I need it to keep my joints and bones strong, it helps me feel strong and Bruce Lee did it everyday=)

I forgot what else i was remembering today, I may go camping tonight, my body has finally become harder, the cold no longer freaks me out, hence me hiking through The Kachina trail on the Arizona Bowl, in the snow, in my board shorts=)


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