P.S. What I did in New Mexico. by Chris Bornstein

So happy I could die, Lady GaGa.  Show Me What I’m Lookin For, Carolina Liar.

These are songs one and two for the cross training I’ve been doing.  After spending a great day at Ojo Calinte, having soaked in the soda pool, Iron pool, Arsenic pool, drinking many draughts of the Lithia (lithium) water, there I was talking to Jane, the gardener.  She said she was called to the fire, ordinarily she would not have been around…

I stayed with her at the tree house on the Rio Grande River.  I got to split and stack wood, use the cowboy hottub on the banks of the Rio Grande, run around with a sweet puppy named Twiggy, there was also Mr. Puff the cat, they ate from the same bowl, they should have a speech at the UN about getting along…

I’ve really been focusing on my diet, unfortunately beer has been a fair part of that, and that, of course, is no good for the human organism, but these are the devils arent they…

Lots of training, I have even visited a gym, a lot of running in the Arroyo’s and mesas’, rock climbing and scrambling/bouldering, kung fu and of course, a lot of yoga.  I was lucky enough to be able to take the Shadow Yoga class at Body of Santa Fe – http://www.bodyofsantafe.com/

It’s good, i remember reading in a magazine, bicycling, that many touring bikers can have problems with strength and bone density due to the extreme low impact, hence why it felt so good to run trails practice my Bagua and do yoga  for the past week and a half.

Another highlight was the night before I went snowboarding, I was invited to see the Circus Luminous.  What a fantastic performance, I was dazzled by what I saw on the stage, and sometimes I even found myself thinking, “i thought they only did that in the Chinese Acrobatics shows…”


The crowd was so sweet, a really great crowd, everyone meshed well, wich, for a crowd, thats pretty cool…

PHAT powder at Wolf Creek, and praise god in the highest did I ever get some dope runs in, I’m listening to the music while writing that I listened to on the slopes, podcast – Dennis Ruyer, Dance Department, phat beats for phat powder=)

I finally did it, i hadnt boarded in like 8 years, the last time I went I think was with my Bro Pete, but, I cant remember…

I know one thing for sure, the point of school where I stopped so long ago, was not the same point at which I returned to the field.

I was with a fairly good Telemark skiier, and by the third house into it, i was gettin there, to where I was, bu then i just kinda blew past that point in my mind and ended up going off the trail, by accident, and surfin podwer through the TREES!!!

So cool, I had a blast, two days of great boarding, hanging out in the Pagosa hot springs, 19 different hot pools ranging from 95 to 114, and of course, as it was 10pm, I saw no reason why I shouldn’t dunk myself in the river which is essentially melted snow water, it was as close to freeezing as you can get and still be a fast flowing river…

I literally felt a universe explode inside my head when i put my self in the water, every inch, every mico tiny anything had a blazing cold metal ice cicle piercing it, my skull slit in half and my eyes froze in thier sockets, i moaned a death blow and staggered out of the water, making a bee line for the hot spring, I rushed in, and my skin blazed on fire, the ice cicles were now made of fire ants, gorging on my flesh, too dramamtic, it was a trip to say the least!

Went back to Santa Fe for a night to stay in the house that Shawna was house sitting.  Amazing house, every square inch was filled with a piece of history, a priceless antique, something unexpected, like the Iraqi license plate behind the sink or the plastic mermaids in a cute little plastic circus train car, and then you get closer and see that one of the mermaids has a centipede body and the other, well, now i forget what she had, though I cant say thats a bad thing….

The owner is a gentleman who has been documenting the plight and horror visited upon the people of the Bikini Atoll.

To this day, there are many births where the baby is nothing more than a blob , with a tooth, an ear, some random hair, I can’t imagine the pain, we, The United States, use to drop radioactive materials on the residents, they being unaware, unaware because they were not told that they were part of a nuclear experiment on the effects to humans, so, these radioactive materials being dropped, and once mixing with the environment become sudsy almost, sudsy patches the natives thought were some kind of odd coral spawning, some phenomena with the reef, they rubbed it all over themselves as though it were a gift from the gods…..   To this day the US Supreme Court refused the case April of 2010.  God Bless US, every one, read the history, its painful to read, so thats why you should….

I took the Santa Fe RailRunner train to Albuquerque, very cool, only 7 dollars, rolled my bike right on…

I’ve spent the last three days hanging out a t the coolest couchsurfer hosts, Gary and Rose, just great people, I even had a friend come visit, great food, great times!

Tomorrow its off via Amtrak to Flagstaff where I will re-build my bicycle, especially the whole wheel thing, been popping spokes, time to get tough, and start gettin ready for big time=)



2 thoughts on “P.S. What I did in New Mexico. by Chris Bornstein

  1. hey all that Twiggy and Mr Puff can say now is aloha
    and Twig’s favorite yoga pose is the frog
    take good care of the temple
    work on that container
    happy trails
    and thanks for your allness..glad I stopped by the firering

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