Powder, Wolf Creek Pass, Magical homes, who knows where to begin=)

I am sitting on the Santa Fe Railrunner to Albuquerque.  The reason for this, to take roads to Alb from Santa would take me 440 miles out of my way as they do not allow bikes on the main road….

So here I am, on a train, sitting beside some super rad people….

I don’t know where to begin with my Santa Fe experience, I started by visiting the Bike n’ Sport, where the crew there was so rad they simply opened up their shop to me, not only did they open it ….

You know, I have to finish this later, i am completely blown right now, my brain feels like tires on a hot rod running from the cops and my body is only just keeping me going….  So, here are some quick stats and things I learned before i go…

There are an equal amount of skiers to snowboarders, cell phone usage was virtually nil on the slopes and in the club houses, if you do not go fast through powder- you will get stuck, House music makes me fearless, and of course, life is good=)  Aloha for now, see you after my rest!


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