Aloha! A thousand blessing to NM Bike n’ Sport=)

With a loud pop, well, not really a pop per sey,  more a loud “sprungggggggg”….  My first spoke replacement and of course in the process of replacing one spoke, que “Sprunngggg”, there goes another.  My point for this boring dribble, The gentlemen and Bike n’ Sport.  not only did I roll in in full hobo biker attire, which they didnt even blink at, they didnt waste a moment in not only giving me my own workstation in their shop, but giving me all the needed tools and walking me through things step by step and checking all my work, just because they are nice, though I wold hasten to add that they are RAD!

They also walked me through some needed changes that will be incorporated, so anyone who has any friends in the “industry” send them my way, I need harder core rims, hubs, etc etc etc….

Wow, this is some hours later, i have just broken a new record for myself and spent three plus hours in a SouperSalad.  Never before have I spent such an amount of time at a salad bar, I don’t know whats more amazing that i did it or that they didnt kick me out, or maybe, that you are even reading this, sorry for being so boring today, i should be getting picked up son for the circus, that’ll be fun to write about, that and salad.

The last time i was at a legit circus was with my father and girlfriend of the time Steph pasker, she was married a long time ago tot the dude who’s dad started carpet mart so I’m sure she has a different last name now….

still not exciting huh…

I’m going snowboarding tomorrow and meeting up with Special agent Cody Birk, a serious ninja bro who i met in Hawaii, what are the odds we are going to the same place on the same day…

The I may go to Pagosa hot springs, actually, barrig an act of god, which i guess all acts are acts of god, so me going would be an act of god as well, shot that whole paragraph to shit….  I’m gong to the springs, i was instructed to do the crab walk.  You go from hot spring “A” which is at 100-114 and then crab walk through it to eh river which is, well, i reckon it isn’t frozen simply cause it moves fast.

I’m going to start studying Ninja Naruto, which are like yoga moves for your hands that can help you call down all sorts of things into this realm, i cant talk to much about it because I don’t know it.  Just looking to keep typing so i can stay warm…

Corina is the reason I am at SouperSalad so long, she said i cold stay, she also said, well, not to me, to the table across the way, that her name is from her grandmother, she thought that part was cool, but changed the spelling, not sure why, didnt listen tot hat part, nor do I remember the part where she said what it used to be spelled like, heck, i don’t even know if her name is Corina..

“Hey, Mister, yeah, it’s cool if you kick it for a few hours.”

Well, thanks Corina.

it’s gotten to be ridonculous cold, the very vibrations of the cold seem to reach through layers of clothing, windows, concrete walls, heaters, nothing is safe from this cold, but then, I need to be a man, so, i may as well get used to it, especially since I may have to sleep outside in it=)

What am i doing with my life?  Why do people think voting will help, when after EVERY ELECTION everyone gets more bummed and things continue to get worse?  You know, enough for now, I have nothing important to say and rarely do i ever=)

Aloha, have a wonderful rest of your day/night/holidays (very happy), peace be with us all.




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