reflecting on the Rio Grande and the Land of Enchantment… And apparently a short rant.

The sun is streaming through the large windows at my back, reflecting off the Rio Grande, the woodstove is doing its very best to heat water for my coffee and thaw my coconut milk, doggie is hangin out in front of the stove and I, duh, I’m typing….

It’s my last day here on the river, the past week has flown by in such a way that I don’t know how I did all the things I did, but then, we make our own time….

I’ve heard the sound of a hawks wings flapping and got into it’s rythm, I spent countless hours at the hot springs, going from pool to pool, constantly drinking the Lithia (lithium) water and finding a new found respect for Ravens and Crows, very powerful birds, well, animals in general…

Tomorrow I head to Santa Fe under my own steam and  meet with a friend, hopefully I will be able to interview Glenys, a wonderful woman who has really put her heart and soul into the world for the common good of man, a woman who would not even let governments get in her way…

Thursday I am to go snowboarding in/at Wolf Creek in Colorado and then stay at the hotsprings and who knows what else=)

I’m doing my holosync meditation right now=)  If you’ve never tried it, it really does do something, its a multiple year program, so, as for what it does, I’m not entirely sure, i just know that I am able to really focus on my training when i listen and I feel really ninja…..

The hot springs were rad, Ojo Caliente, I have some video and what not, I felt like one of those monkeys in Northern Japan, the snow swirling around me, steam rising off the water, so sweet!

i went for a run into the hills, climbed rocks and did some bouldering and then happened upon a Tibetan prayer wheel, huge in size and, as it was crafted on the edge of a cliff, very majestic….

The run/climb was part of my training in a way, i really do want to be a ninja, not just in the heart and mind, but in the body as well, a true human, one whom you would be proud to have represent our species in front of some aliens who were decided whether or not to cleanse our planet of the virus….  I’d probably be right beside some dude from Monsanto….  =)

If you step back and look at things ever so slighty different, take away all the ego and machismo about being human and how we are SO SPECIAL, if you just look at us as an organism on the planet, we simply are acting like a virus, that scene from the Matrix with Mr. Smith was right on….  And if it stands to reason that you are what you act like, well, this isnt rocket science, just look at it, simply, look at your daily life, do you take more than you give, even in your mind, what is the point at which you decide to do something, is it for an altrusitic reason or a selfish one, where does the action you carry out come from, this is how those of you who believe in judgement will be judged…

Anyway, off the soap box, everyone who has half a wit in thier attic will be able to go online and see how we are taking care of our planet, I mean, right, do we all agree, that we even have an endangered species list, this isnt some radical idea is it…..

What am I going on about, this is silly and stooooopid, no one really cares anyway, myself included, it’s such a big thing, and there is so much “opposition”, for instance, this bill that apparently passed in the senate, unanimously no less, S510, makes it ILLEGAL TO HAVE A GARDEN….  That is hillarious, it is also the reason why I am slowly on my way out of Amerika.

I know everyone says that if we just hold on and vote in the right people, well, I’ll  let you all hold on to that whim, meanwhile I have a life to live, one that does not involve the gestapo stamping out my garden because I do not use petroleum based products in it.  We went from Victory gardens to not being allowed to have a garden, any country that IS SO PETTY as to try and not allow me to have a garden, well,there is your voting and your system.   Enjoy scared monkeys.

Rome fell, Romes visage that was carried on its banners to battle was that of the Eagle, dunno, you tell me…..

O.K., coming down now=)

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