Books I’ve read, that I can remember….

Zombie Haiku –

Fantastic book, you start by reading a haiku journal of a guy, he is writing about his daily existence, in the margins of the book another writer is writing as well.  To try and explain it is futile, to read it is to have a book that is so ingeniously novel and suprising, thankfully, someone came up with something new=)


Mystical Poems of Rumi 1 –

it’s Jalal al-Din Rumi, if you do not know, find a book and learn another view of love as written by cupid…


Narrow Road, Spring and Autumn Passages –

this is by Basho, the foremost Haiku poet in Japan, or at least the most celebrated, this collection is about his 5 month journey in 1689 to see the deep country North and West of the capitol Edo.  Also, I did not know until starting, there is a chance he was a ninja.  nuff said, HAI!

Zen Antics, 100 stories of enlightenment –

It is as it says it is…..


American Gods –

This is by Neil Gaiman, the same Author who penned the “Sandman” graphic novels, extremely well written, kind of like, what happens to the gods when people start to not believe in them, and who are the gods we believe in today…very eye opening….


Tao te Ching –

This is one of the oldest works around and to this day, people onlyhave an idea of who may have written it, after all, it was written by Lau Tszu, when translated means Old Boy or something there about?  Essentially a cannon or doctrine on how to best live life with ease based on the flow of life as a whole.


More to come!

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