Where i used to live, Mahalo Kristann and David=)

My response to where I am from, I miss Hawi=)

not from, from, Lancaster, PA… I lived in Hawaii and really got along well, so well, that I was more local than a lotta tha bruthas=) Board shorts, no shirt, no shoes, cruisin on a dirt bike, whateva, great times, i had a dream life that i’m already starting to forget so it was a dream, I woke up everyday at a friends house or my my studio apt, built into the side of a small gulch which was planted with fruit trees, bananananana’s and so many species of bamboo it was mind boggling, at night it became a wonderland, you could run through the bananana grove and up citrus hill and the entire lands would look one way, then you would charge through it again and just stay in the abanana’s and look up at the stars through the giant leaves, you have to decide, do you run past the monolith of a mangoe tree, past the coconuts and advocado way off to your left and towards the giant monkey pod, where tethered to the earth in the free hanging of space, is a swing, perfect height, perfect, the ropes on either side reach way in tot he heavens, 20 feet probably, it’s beautiful, the view is like, it’s inexplicable, even more so when there used to be a lone white horse in the pasture, but you are alone today, running with me in your head, so…. the other path…..
then you would tear off towards the giant bonfire, and i mean, gigantico, 3 -4 feet high of solid logs and stumps, 6 ft diameter circle, a blast of light in the night, so close, yet the bananas are so thick, it winks in and out, you dont even know if it is real…
Streak forward to the fire as it leaps up in the air 20-25 feet, scorching the berries and leaves of the giant (insert tree name here), you are now in clearing, to the left are the terraces I built into one side of the gulch, huge boulders, i moved them all with an O’o bar (6 feet steel spike – 40lbs), a shovel and a wheelbarrow, the heaviest took me one month to move, moving it a foot or so a day (maybe exaggerating slightly, but ONLY SLIGHTLY=), now yo are back in bananans, the bonfire is huge infront of you now…..

Thats where i lived for a time, I surfed, worked in perma-culture farming, landscaping, grass cutting, chinese medicine studying, ba gua training fool!

So, yeah, i miss it as well=)


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