The World Bike, Running the Arroyo, Ninja Doggie…

Twiggy is the ninja doggy, I have video of walking with her this morning on Youtube whenever the upload is complete…. She’s barking right now, runnign around outside, it’s very dark, better i should say, very clear…

My hair is longer..

I was reading Basho today, real quick on him, he was born in 1644-94, considered to be Japans greatest Haiku poet and his masterpiece is said to be, Oku no Hosomichi, Narrow Road to the Interior, an account of his 5 month journey into the deep country North West of the Old capital, Edo…

Now this is a very serious book, translated painstakingly by Hiroaki Sato, with notes on everything, i will have to read this many times in order to fully appreciate it, one of my main reasons for being so inspired by the book, aside of course form the obvious connections  of a great man who goes on a great journey, something I aspire to achieve, and that i had lived in Japan while serving on the USS Independence in Yokosuke for 3 years, was found on page 23 of the introduction, the title to this particular section of the chapter….. I smile when I say this as I am not making it up even a little bit….

It read, “Was Basho a Ninja?”


“Here, because several aspects of this famed journey, such as expenses, remain a mystery, I might as well touch on speculation which, not altogether implausible, was popular for a while, that Basho might have served as a Ninja during his travels to the North.”

“Basho was from a former warrior class family in Iga, Mino (today’s Mie), a famous breeding ground for Ninja…”     – “Basho’s Narrow Road”, translated by Hiroaki Sato.


My day was fantastic, kung fu, not a lot, I felt very lazy today, it is the first day I have not taken coffee or alcohol in some time, I am cleansing now, gearing up, finally it is come to me, what i need for the next part of my journey….

I have had an adventure of grand proportions already, fomr spiritual awakenings to near death experiences, helping people out, cooking for people food they never thought they would eat in their lifetime and they like it, now, it’s time to start thinking about what I want next, to begin to visualize what and when and where, not to be attached, but to channel the flow, I am made of water, i write my life story in the water I am, I must make it as clean as possible and as pure, my vibes, vibrations, shape my water, it is time to really focus on being string, in spirit, in the flesh, in the mind.  the holy trinity…

I’m going to try and see the “Serpent Rouge” in Albequerque, Youtube them!

I met a gentleman and his future bride, i cooked for them, he told me about the World Bike, amazing, so amazing it caused a small revolution, all the bikes were taken away, gave the people too much power as it upped the ante on what they could transport, the world bike, when Youtube finishes the upload of video, funny to hear myself say that, I wouldn’t have some time ago….

So, yeah, I’ll get the site, I’m going to meet the people, or, perhaps a friend of, the people responsible for it, and through this will get to see the “caves”.

I do not know much, other than they are carved by a human in sandstone, in epic scale, beyond that I will not repeat what I heard as until I see it, i simply cannot believe it, well, yes I can, but i say i cant so i can be surprised when i see it=)

Do the little “i’s” bother you?


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