O.K., easy tiger, shhhhhhhh, time to relax….

I’m not exactly sure where to start, so, i guess i’ll start it with the opening to an e-mail to Tyler, my buddy in Hawaii….

Wed, November 17, 2010 4:51:04 PM 


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So, I guess its a sign of the times, I am in an organic food coop in santa fe, waiting on the lady whom I met at the bonfire last night, at the resort spa, ojo calinente, CENSORED , anyway, waiting on going to a tree house she is house sitting on the high banks of the Rio Grande in order to be her Vegan chef for a few days whilst getting back into my Yoga and Kung Fu and over all spiritual ninja training, but my point, the music, The Zelda instrumental, mixed in with light jazz and 80’s pop….  It’s video game music….  now that I’ve written about it, it seems most un-important or witty…
Oh well, perhaps someday I’ll be a writer=)
I believe in Magic more fully now that I have spent time in New Mexico…  Even in entering the land, there is a palpable difference in the quality of reality….
I was very fortunate to be visited by a friend which led to many fantastic times and adventures, adventures you say, do tell…..  ok, we had a rental car and found ourselves driving in snow in the Angelfire area, wouldnt you know, snow can have an effect on your tires ability to grip the road, so much so, that in our particular case, we ended up slewing to and fro like we were on roller skates in an ice rink, which, upon reading is a pretty sad analogie, so, best to keep it in print so that I may never repeat it….
Anyway, we made it!
Had a most fantastic time at the Ojo Caliente hot springs and spa, SPA is the acronym for the Latin phrase, “Salus Per Aquas”, which means “health through water”, I think it is the oldest bathhouse in the US, built in the 1860’s…
The people at the spa were so kind and hooked it up beyond my wildest dreams, they gave me things which I can’t explain, nor did i even bother trying to photograph, i wanted to keep it magical, perhaps your mind can create for you a place with many different hot spring pools, at night, the back drop is a crystaline sky which stretches on forever in all directions, the hot white half bulge of the moon is talking to the one solitary star directly south of it, no, probably a planet….
The cliff walls were gently lit by the lights of the Spa and the air smelled of the sweet pinion pine burning in the kivas (cool looking fireplaces), one of which was situated directly off to the side of our pool under the thatched roof, not too tightly thatched of course, enough to let in the night sky.
After the private bath, I stoked the fire as i was saying and met Jane who is house sitting a tree house on the Rio Grande river, she invited me to stay for a bit as long as i cook=)
So here I am now, morning, lookinng at the Rio Grande, hanging with puppy dog, Twiggy, gearing up to make my breakfast and then KUNG FU!
I’m going to use the time here to get really mellow, detox from booze and figure out where I want to head to next….
I have a lot to write about, so, more to come, now to eat!

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