Listening to Holosync Meditation and dreaming of Vegan Ninja Curry

Will i be able to type at the same time=)

I used my new sleeping bag/sleep pad last night, keeps me warm enough, and of course, as it is a mummy bag, drives me nuts, being so confined and so uncomfortably hot, I have to keep my African wrap between my legs as they sweat like the dickens, thats the cute way to say whats really going on=)

there is a part of me that, ok, now listening to music, Sally Shapiro – Looking at Stars, FM remix version…

A large part of me is dead, or, thats not really what i am trying to say, I don’t know who I am any more….

There was a time yesterday where i didnt know where i was going to stay and hereI am waking up in a tree house on the banks of the Rio Grande on an organic perma-culture farm with mature orchards….

I am all alone, I have the place to myself today until my host returns home with friends, allof whom i shall cook for, vegan winter squash curry…

It’s easy to make, seriously, you will spend more time chopping and smelling an aroma which can only be considered magical as it is far more than the ingredients would lead you to believe is possible, you want the recipe?

I will use the following vegetables:

brocolli, cauliflower, variety of peppers – hot and mild, crushed garlic, minced ginger, onion, winter squash (take your pick=), potatoes, sweet potatoe, bamboo shoots, I think i remembered carrots, red cabbage…  You can put what vegetables you want.

Slowly add hardest ingredients to softest, getting them all nicely stir fried.

Feel free to add Tofu or Tempeh or, be non-vegan and add your meat of choice, heavy red meats do not mesh well just so you know.  I have been told by many that this is better meat free, so, be bold my carnivorous friends, you needn’t tax your body for a good meal, try it simple..

When stir frying try and use coconut, grape seed or sesame oil, they are high heat and add flavor and many health benefits.

At very end of stir fry, add curry paste and stir fry this with vegetables.

add coconut milk till it reaches, almost, the uppermost veggies.

add some water

Cook some noodles now, or if you are using rice, i would use brown, it should have been cooking.  easy way to make rice, put rice in pot, wash it till the water is clear.  Fill water so it is a half inch from top of rice deep, like if your finger was in the water gently resting on top of rice layer, your first knuckle joint should be wet…  Heat it till it boils heavy, then reduce heat to simmer and cover, should be done in a bit, check every so often as sometimes it does its own thing…  If too hard when almost all water is gone, slowly add little more, little amounts…

Let coconut veggie mix simmer for some time, till everything is soft, feel free to add cardamom, cumin, tumeric and hot peppers, stretch your mind with it, make some alchemy…..  this is good food that will make you strong, its what ninjas eat before missions, make it with pride and feeling…

From Holosync meditatoin to Lady GaGa Alejandro re-mix….  What a life=)


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