Change in Plans…

So, tomorrow is the day for the Corvette test run, heads up display is working well, no keys needed, wait till you get a load of this, technology is amazing in a way.  as much of a hippie as I like to believe I am, and I am, I love the earth, i would much rather have no vehicles than have pollution.  My honest opinion is that if all the people who had the power over the gas/oil type thingy, if they were to let go, be cool and turn their collective eye to real money, after all, I am hippy, I use money to seek an end, many use money simply as the end, I feel this is foolish, they do not, I do not build cars, they do, I play their game, please, guys and ladies, build the speeder bike from star wars, let the highways turn to valleys and fields, lets have a blast and keep the planet clean so we humans can live well AND ya’ll get really rich, make your money from hemp, no need to wreck trees any more, you know it, I know it, lets be real, I care not how rich you are, i only care that I and all my brothers and sisters are not starving or thirsty, can you understand?

So no guns either.  At first I was all for it, but when i stop and think, i am lucky to not have shot the weapon.  I will not have the vibration of death in my bones.  The rata-tat-tat of death.  A machine that shoots coffin nails…

I do not need it in my veins, though i do hunger to hold the “thunder stick” or “My Boom Stick”:)

I’m riding on the clouds now…


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