How I funded this trip – since a few of you are asking so nicely=)

O.k., the story is surprisingly very simple.

I had been saving money to pay off my credit card debt.  Next thing I knew, my house in Austin, Texas was going through a crazy time.  I’ll give you a bit of the story…

I had some great renters, three guys, money like clockwork, etc etc etc.  they moved out, in moves, lets call her Jessica.  Which may or may not be her real name……  Love you Jessica, if that is your name=)

So, she was doing her thing, and next thing i know, i get a call from my next door neighbor telling me the following, Jessica moved out in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and now there is a new family in the house and they are asking me how long Jessica has owned the house and if she is trustworthy.

Hmmmmmmm, I thought, I own the house, a new family, oh boy.  So, long story short, things went from bad to worse to great to WTF.

My choices were limited, move back to Austin, Take over my house and get a job.

Hmmmmmmmm…..  you guys know me right=)

So, about this point, my credit score slipped from 830 to 400 sumthin in no time flat, i spelled something wrong on purpose, not sure why, so, once the credit score tanked, there will also be lower case “i’s”, easier for me to explain my poor grammar than fix it.  Somewhere in all this I decided it was time to let go of my cell phone as well, not really related to horrific credit, just wanted to save my brain from bein irradiated every time i said hello to someone.

So, once the score tanked, my credit companies took my interest rate from 2.9 to 29.99 percent.  Well, not on a Tuesday, so i called and offered a one time payment, they declined, i told them it is either that or they have to drop my rate back to what it was, that or i walk.

They declined my offer.

At this point things were fairly easy, simply walk away, well, in my case, oh, and this is going to be deliciously cheesy, ride away… HA!

I can no longer go back to the old way of life, and honestly, sweet!

I also had a retirement fund from long ago, that, well, since I had written off my future, what the heck do i need retirement money for, I’m putting all my chips in on this.  This is my shot to live a dream, i will never have things come together as they have come together now.  To not act on this is to deny my soul.  To deny my soul, well, blah blah blah, now you know how I did this!


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