My Slavery level and yours…

Whatever level of slavery you choose to endure, you do so at your own risk and it is usually dependent upon the depth to which you are able to rationalize your life and all the things you do in it which are most assuredly not good for you…

I used to weight 285, scrub toilets with toothbrushes in the Navy AND when I was a lifeguard in Ballarat Australia, sold health club memberships, have shoveled shit into wheelbarrows, and shoveled coke into my nose, a meal WITHOUT meat or some sort of dairy was unheard of….

I am now a vegan who weighs 185 pounds (I lost 90 of the pounds prior to being A Veganninja), do no hard drugs, barely drinks (Oklahoma is the exception) and is a self proclaimed Prince of Peace riding around on a bicycle to save the world=)

Your life can change, you just have to do more than think about it or vote on it.

A cowboy on an advanced horse of carbon fiber and advanced aluminum alloys blended together and placed lovingly upon air cushioned petro-chemical discs, of which yours truly is the engine…

Its truly fantastic, I feel as though a gentleman who has finally transcended merely being a passenger in a sports vehicle to something so much more, I am now the engine, I make the wheels on this bus go round and round, ALL DAY LONG!


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