I’m not bitching first of all, life is so sweet, that the nectar I drink, well, perhaps i am jaded, something is going on.

It seems that for any set back, i am rewarded ten fold, almost as though i cant help but get it.  My friend in highschool, Pete, he told me once, “dude, no matter how bad you trip up you somehow land on the next step higher..”

Now, some 16 years later i am riding a bicycle around the world, and, facing facts like a man, I still have little to no clue what I am doing, for instance, there is a very good chance that I will be sleeping outside, this is normally acceptable for someone who is adventurous, however, for me, sleeping outside, may mean death, and i am not kidding.  I only have a lightweight sleeping bag and Bivvysac, with temperatures getting into the teens, this will not suffice for me, and yet, it’s what i have, dig a little deeper, and everything will work out great, it always does….

So what am I crying about, I don’t even know.  For the first time in my life i realize a few basic things, which i believe to be fundamentally important.

First and foremost, the world is filled with truly kind and delightful people, it is the media that has made us believe every other soul is hellbent on our personal destruction.

Secondly, people of this planet DO NOT like how the human systems are being governed, they do not want war, marijuana should be legal, prescription meds and big business is usually not on our side etc.

Why do i feel so cut off from the world when i am shown nothing but love, why are we all feeling so cut off from the world, whats wrong with us?

Nothing, we are all just scared, we have been scared for so long that we dont even know why anymore, most of us were probably taught to be scared by our parents or our friends…….

We needn’t be scared anymore, we are not alone in the universe and god or whatever you want to call the things and the space between them has our back as well.

It really is time….

I hope you realize that….


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