Coyote crossed the road today…. Wheeler rocks!

I’ve been advised that I am driving through BFE and I should definitely look into my water bottle situation, to which i replied, but, what water bottle situation?

You only have two, he said……. oh…

The coyote was on the side of the road, i only just saw it out of the corner of my eye as it bounded over a drainage channel onto a small hill.  It looked at me for a bit, I told it I was cool and to not worry…

all the hairs on my body were standing on end…

Then it ran off through the brush…

I stopped in at the Cowboy Oasis just outside of Wheeler, this is prior to seeing the coyote, where I was given some coffee, good conversation, and a list of country music which I was told is not only country, but Texas Country.  And then I was given some iphone time in which I listened to Texas Country.

As I left Wheeler i stopped in at the little Mexican restaurant where I ate the day before.  I asked for 2 burritos, all veggie, beans and rice, like the day before…

I held out my cash…

She smiled and said her husband would only eat meat, i said, no problem, thats good, i eat the vegetables for him, she laughed at me and called me a silly boy, i should hold onto my money, “no cash today”, to be a safe rider…

I opened up the bag later in the day and found 6 burritos…. I love Wheeler..


One thought on “Coyote crossed the road today…. Wheeler rocks!

  1. I’m glad that Wheeler opened up to you. I sure didn’t imagine the town would be so friendly. That just shows me that I see things to be bad more then I do good. Good luck on your journey.

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