City Drug Bed and Breakfast Hotel

I came to Wheeler, TX to stay with my next couch surfing host only to find out that she moved to a spot 4 hours away – by car!  I managed to let out a low moan and some expletives…

The lady at the front desk over heard me and asked me what was wrong.

I told her and explained couchsurfing.

She donated a room to me and told me where I cold get some food.

When I got the place for food, she had already called and I had vegan burritos waiting for me, vegan burritos, in Wheeler, TX.

Later, I got a knock on the door, the keys given to me earlier were for the whole hotel I case I wanted to come and go at my own leisure at all hours, I should leave them under the mat in the morning if I leave early.

I was also told to stop by the food joint as breakfast will be waiting for me.

I am riding my bicycle around the world so you, sitting at home, reading a book, watching T.V., worrying about tomorrow, ignoring your kids, cooking for your kids, loving your wife, being passive aggressive at your husband, whatever you are doing I am doing this so I can tell you the following – PEOPLE ARE GOOD IN THE WORLD.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AFRAID.  NOW IS THE TIME TO START LIVING, PLEASE LISTEN, START LIVING YOUR DREAMS!!!

City Drug Bed and Breakfast Hotel –


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