Wow, came out of the gate with a bang on this one.  I stopped about 20 miles outside of Tulsa to help a gentleman with his truck on the side of the road, then got a ride the rest of the way in, met with my couch host, was immediately whisked off to a shower and some food a Q-doba and then…. Oktoberfest!  Ashley, my host, works at a law firm and got us (her, her girlfriend, me) free tickets to their special night, the Tulsa Oktoberfest as one of the largest in the world, in the top ten no less!  later we went to the Empire bar where we met with Ashley 2’s, they are both named Ashley, boyfriend, Beau, who is a Strike Force ultimate fighter champion, belt holder and announcer, the more fighters I get to meet personally – David Moreno, my buddy Rob Grant, and now Beau, these are some of the most real and cool people on the planet!

Anyway, at a coffee shop now, figuring out my life, I have waylaid myself with the booze (funny that i should talk this way after drinking a total now of 20 beers, usually what I would drink to get warmed up=), need to get back on my ninja clean living path, it feels better, right=)

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