Oklahoma, oh my…..Cupid slings some arrows=)

I’m still here, I’ll be leaving tomorrow as a matter of fact, thank you very much, my apologies for being snippy, I am off to a relatively “no mans lands”, base upon my gauges of such things.  I fell in love here in Oklahoma, Tulsa to be exact.

I was invited to a yoga class and next thing I knew, I am falling for the studio owner.  I fell hard. In fact, i am still falling.

I also  love Francesca in Hawaii.

My only saving grace in all this is that I am being honest with these women and not being tricky.  Though, being tricky would not be hard to do from the back of ones bicycle=)

I have never known the feeling of being in love with two women at once, and it is a fleeting feeling to be sure, one that vastly bolsters ones ego, almost as though our hearts have a mechanism which will not allow it, our hearts, my heart at any rate. Thank god, I’d get lost otherwise and wonder what happened to my life on my death bed…

If I was a true man on a mission, I wouldnt fall prey to being swayed from my path, perhpas thats why i am on it, to become the knight in the fairy tales, to go beyond falling in love, this is really just singling out one person to give me heart to, when, if i am truly a prince on this earth, i should give my heart to all….  So hard to do what I feel is right on the big scale, especially since i am such a fool….. hmmmmmmmmmmm, in trying to do such good for the sake of my ego, I may be doing great damage to people…..  A fool and good intentions will be the death of us all.

I’ve been quite a drinker upon my arrival in Oklahoma.  Beer is very big, liquor laws are very wierd, I wont even bother getting into that convoluted mess of briber, palm greasing and “High Morality” with a solid “Christian Base”.  That people would even bother to exploit loopholes in the bible to sell alcohol, ARE YOU SERIOUS!  you think your god wont know=)  So silly little monkeys…….

Oh my, just go get smashed and call it a day, ya’ll make life difficult, no need.

Halloween was great, I have little idea what went on that night, suffice to say i was very stoked with my pictures and video’s the next morning…

I’ve come off “my path”, What, yesterday was the first day i was dry in maybe a week and a half, two weeks…

My kung fu and training in general has been, well, the kung fu has been stop start, i am training maybe twice a week, not where I would like to be, but given my lackadaisical attitude, i am happy for this.

Yoga training on the other hand has been fantastic and I really came along.

Capoeira, have not found it.  Ever since Springfield, in Springfield i was blown off by the local capoeira dude, c’est la vie, his loss=)

I’m guessing I want to go for a ride today, not really sure, this place is cool and yet it is the epitome of sprawl…

Zombie Haiku is now my book of choice for the ride…

This must be boring to read if you found it, let me do us both a favor.


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