Leaving Tulsa and the progression of Man and his machines…

I leave Tulsa tonight, via the same car that I have been so graciously been allowed to drive for the last few days, it sure has been a blast, cruising around an unknown, to me, city, windows down, sun roof open, Lady Gaga crooning.  I do like the machines=)

It had me thinking about my conundrum again.  The Wright brothers built thier first plane and it was, well, goodness, the thing barely left the earth, and here we are, 107 years later, we can leave our earth and travel into space.

We have canoes built from trees and now we have the Nereus which explored the Mariana trench at 6.8 miles down!

And then, and then, we have CARS!  The model “T” which came out roughly the same time the Wrights did thier thing – got 13-21 miles per gallon and could run on Ethanol, Kerosene or gas.

What happened?  Where is the jump in technology as shown by the other methods of transportation.  Your telling me it’s easier to figure out how to leave the earths atmosphere and keep human beings alive in the depths of space than it is to get decent fuel economy?

By my estimations we should have speeder bikes, you know, like the ones in Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”.  I can only assume the gas guys are still making too much, to scared to change their way of making money, never realizing that they would make money hand over fist in comparison and our roads could field and daisies!

Oh well.  leaving Tulsa today, what a great place this is.  It started with octoberfest, I did do the chicken dance, i did wear a chicken hat, i did drink, I met a fighter and held his belt – Strike Force, been hanging out with the raddest Yogini in the land, even got to work the front desk of her Yoga studio for a bit.  Of course, have been dong a lot of Yoga…..

I love it, she is off to Dallas for a Halloween Party, I am off to Oklahoma City to hang with some super cool folks, life is good.  I have been spreading Veganism by cooking, my chefly skills are increasing by the day, vegan – pizza, stir fries, curries, french toast, scrambles, sundaes, BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!


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