Music and trash….yay.

List of lists:

Top trash on the roadside….

the number one thing I am finding is Bud Light cans, it used to be light beer in general, as I come closer and closer to the center of the US, it is Bud Light.

Following Bud Light in second place is McDonalds trash, all types, drink containers, fry boxes, bags, Gimme back my McWilderness!

Third, plastic bottles by the coke and pepsi company.

4th shredded tires – this is not on purpose, so we must give a bit of leeway here.

Number one sports car on the road – Corvette

Top music I look up when at I’m feelin froggy:

Tom Petty, Lady Gaga – Alejandro, Laroux – I’m not your toy and Bulletproof, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics – Home, Ellie Goulding – Starry eyed – Jakwob remix, Pixies – Dig for Fire, Big Rock Candy Mountain….

I’m so lazy, enough for now=)


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