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Baba yaga

- Vidot did not judge too the man too harshly for having a mistress. It occured all to frequently in French society, it was as ordinary as the sliver of lemon rind that came with the morning espresso. But, in his opinion, it did suggest a weak man and a dull mind. Any fool could seduce, but it took a true intellect to know and love his partner. Women, to Charles Vidot, were absolute and thrilling mysteries. They moved though the world as if a different gravity applied to them and answered to untranslatable calls of the body and soul.

- We assume so much and forget how little we are promised.

- Knowing winter is returning only makes the spring that much more wonderful.

- He understood that some other souls might be panicked or even overwhelmed with grief at the thought of being trapped in a small insect’s body, but, he thought, these were generally the same people who felt cursed when there were only plain croissants at the market, or complained when the lunch waiter was slow. Whereas he believed life, any life, was a curious adventure, and if you merely kept your wits about you and stayed alert and in motion, you could find your way to a satisfactory conclusion.

- “Men have dragged us by the hair through the ages, and whether they give us crumbs or bright, shiny rocks, they truly give us nothing at all. If you have not opened your legs for them so that they could crawl out as babies or crawl in as men, then they will leave you to starve like a dog on the street. So now we are done playing the way they want us to play. Now we are moving to music they cannot hear, to a rhythm they cannot understand. They call it madness and we call it truth and find me a magistrate you can trust to judge between the two? Bah. So we dance on, we dance on.”

- Nothing is as good as the smell of horseshit. You know, the streets are swept clean now, and all the horses are gone, so there is nothing in the air but the soot of your burning engines. Thats why I sleep in the barn, to be close to the real smells. Horseshit and horse farts. Those are the smells of life.

- “Gambling is funny, isn’t it? I’ve never heard any persuasive theories on it’s roots, I suspect its some primordial residue from our early days, similar to how we still wear the belts that once held our hunting knives, while our women carry designer purses to store all those harvested berries. We think we’re modern and civilized, but Lord knows we’re not.”

- These were the things that defined your character and, as his grandfather had often told him, your character was the only thing you ever wholly and truly posessed.

- Zoya looked into her glass of wine. “But it’s funny, don’t you think? The way you Americans killed them. I read about it in a book once. How you would make treaties, yes? And then you would break the treaties so they would get upset and make war and so you would kill them and then there were new treaties? And you kept going and going, the same trick, over and again, until there weren’t any more Indians.”

- Ghosts, they say, stay for three simple reasons:
They love life to wholly to leave,
They love someone too deeply to part,
Or they need to linger on a bit,
To coax a distant knife
Toward its fated throat.

- There are rarely any big problems, only little problems that pile up

- Where would the world be, she wondered, without all these blind and greedy men.

- The whole fight is for the conservation of the individual soul. The enemy is the suppression of history; against us is the bewildering propaganda and brainwash, luxury and violence. – Ezra Pound, The Paris Review

Ive decided to write this review by using excerpts from the book itself rather than the usual drivel that comes from reviewers mouths, well, I digress, many reviewers are such as they do not partake in the rampant smattering of adjectives and instead do an actual good work of a review, Ia m not one of those enlightened souls and will instead leave you with wisdom I found myself copying from the book and you can make your own decisions about the genius or lack thereof contained twixt that cover=]. Enjoy with Aloha.

This is most likely one of those very few films that actually does not only a profound job of inspiring those who watch it, but further goes on to do so using reality, and delving deeper, it uses a reality that is so far fetched it seems like fiction.
This may be only the 3rd such film/story I have been exposed to in my life, 38 years, to have such a profound impact on me and my life and how I view the world and my place in it.
I am purposely not saying much as, A. Historically when typing reviews on my blog in the early a.m. I am often quite reticent to actually write anything, and B. The story is crafted in such a way that I deign to spill any of its secrets here as I am not the master weaver of the narrative and to try and describe any part of any one thread seems to me a fools errand and should you actually see this movie, you’ll simply be upset at me.
So we keep this easy peasy… I guarantee that if you watch this you will be inspired, amazed, likely moved to tears and after all, this man is considered to be one of the principal elements in really kicking off freedom in South Africa, now, thats big… Real big.

The introspection is deafening, its crushing my very spirit and yet, it does nothing at all, the sounds of the helicopter reverberating off the low canyon walls at Lake Las Vegas herald the arrival of yet more tourists dishing out for an aerial tour of mans endearing quest of building on all of its surfaces.

Not really a quote so much as a snippet of my thinking, but the WordPress for iPad is acting most odd, and this is what I have access too.  ahem, my thoughts from September 2013, Lake Las Vegas, during the Ironman regional championships, the World Championships of Wake Boarding and me putting on a health retreat weekend for a stand up paddle board operation that eventually got cancelled as the proprietor felt that I was trying to steal her company…..  Life, if given the room to be, is, truly, hilarious.  

My buddy Marieke (Marēkå) left as tore in Kona, reached into the back seat for something or other and bada boom, stow away chicken.


Tricky Communication Devices

One of the first tricky communications I learned was the very powerful and seldom used in todays day and age, “Not It!”.

In recent history I have noticed an equally powerful and exasperatingly widespread rally cry, “GOOGLE IT!”

You may or may not have run into this bastion of argument coup de tats, if you are lucky, perhaps you are yet free from having your ears soiled with this devious
shirking of responsibility.

Its like this, two people are having a conversation/argument/debate, fill in the blank, person A. will be certain of a fact as will, for the purpose of this explanation, person B.
The first person to say, “Google It.”, has essentially “won” the verbal sparring contest in a way that hasnt resolved anything or enlightened anyone. they have won by putting the onus
of verifying the facts on the other person. Should the “losing” contestant NOT go forth and “Google It.” the argument is won by the person regardless of the facts.
Should the person actually sally forth and ply google for an answer, perhaps they will be able to regain some semblance of dignity back should they have been in the right,
if they were not in the right, then at this point they will suffer a re-occurrence of the initial spat of shame as they will “re-lose” the argument.

This book, nay, this tome of delight is the second by Frank Schatzing and it represents not only a stylistic hot bed of the most up to date cutting edge thoughts and current theory in science as it pertains to space exploration, mining, the space race, socio economics on a global scale, the Chinese government and its nefarious side and even the tricky shadow side to politics with an action story that builds, crests and keeps coming after 1300 pages!


enough talk, go read.


Today was epic, I surfed, I re-ninjaed, I now go to eat Mexican in Hawaii. Aloha


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